What Is a Gutter Cover & Why Do I Need One?

A gutter cover, also known as a gutter guard or a gutter grate, is a covering installed on the top of your gutters. It has an opening, usually a slit or a mesh-like web of holes, that allows water to pour off of the...

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Employee Spotlight: Steve Findlay image

Employee Spotlight: Steve Findlay

Sometimes personal success comes about unexpectedly. Steve Findlay, owner and founder of Findlay Roofing, didn’t set out to be in the roofing business. However, his unexampled background helped to instill his...

Brushing Up on Roof Terminology Helps You Understand the Replacement Process image

Brushing Up on Roof Terminology Helps You Understand the Replacement Process

If you’re thinking about a new roof, but aren’t sure exactly how the process works, it’s a good idea to first brush up on common roof terminology. Understanding the parts of a roofing system will...

Findlay Roofing Special! image

Findlay Roofing Special!

Need a pick me up from the past couple days of dreary weather? How about an amazing deal from your friends at Findlay Roofing! Call the office to set up your free roof analysis and you could receive $500 off your new...

Concerned about your roofs condition? image

Concerned about your roofs condition?

Have one of our HAAG certified representatives out to inspect your home and the condition of your roof. Whether you have owned your home or looking to purchase…. you deserve to have piece of mind when it comes to...

How is your Roof?? image

How is your Roof??

Do not loose sleep wondering what kind of shape your roof is in! Have one of our experts come out to evaluate you roof and its condition with a free roof analysis. While there, we can also perform an energy audit to...

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